Machinal by Sophie Treadwell: Script analysis.
February 11, 2021
Business Decisions and the Accounting Function
February 11, 2021

CriminologyFebruary 11, 2021

Identify a controversial topic (socioecinomic status) in K-12 education that involves one or more of the cultural identifiers. This topic should include two or more viewpoints that are for and against the issue.
Research a minimum of three scholarly sources from the last 3 years and submit a 500-750 word summary that includes the following:

Describes the cultural identifiers discussed in the articles.
Summarizes the historical background of the cultural identifiers and associated controversial topic in K-12 education.
Identifies arguments presented for and against the issue.
Discusses any associated injustices arising from the issue.
Describes how teachers and students are affected by the cultural identifiers and associated controversial topic.
Summarizes solutions and/or proposed solutions to associated injustices.

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