Investigate and based on rotor momentum/ actuator disk theory, what is the theoretical velocity magnitude, w far downstream in the wake of the rotor?
March 21, 2021
200 words bluebook citation
March 21, 2021

I need your help to prepare a research proposal (2000 words without references) and the topic is energy efficiency.(engineering subject) I’ve written about 800 words and need to rewrite. attached All the references that you need to write the introduction (the first 10 PDF files) and the literature review ( the rest of PDF files) attached The proposal MUST include the following: 1. Research problem: this should clearly identify the research context, emphasising the currency of the problem. This should also contain a high-level research aim. 2. Literature review: this is a salient review of the literature that clearly makes an argument that justifies the need to examine your chosen research problem. The review should draw upon key sources that inspire your thinking and identify which seminal work you will be building on for the PhD. The review should also ‘conclude’ with a set of objectives that would help deliver your high-level aim in (1), as well as the key research questions. 3. Indicative methods: how will you go about answering the key research questions? What kinds of data sources will you rely on? What will be your data collection and analytical strategy? 4. Possible outcomes and impacts: who are the intended beneficiaries, in terms of research, policy and practice? How will you go about ensuring the impacts of research throughout your project? You can think of the following: high-impact publications, engagement activities with policy and practice stakeholders, teaching etc. I look forward to receiving your proposal for review and consideration.


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