Write a 700 to 1,050 word paper in which you examine the concept of motivation. Address the following items
March 14, 2021
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March 14, 2021

For the following questions, you are required to thoroughly answer the reflection questions below and clearly connect the information to the learning objectives. The summaries should show critical analysis and synthesis of the information in a way that demonstrates good understanding of the material presented. Each question should be 4-5 paragraphs (containing a minimum of 4-6 sentences each) in length. So around 15 paragraphs total, and they should be written in correct APA style.
Question #1
After reading the chapter 5 (pp.125-pp.154) and watching the “Living a Transgendered Childhood”, please answer the “Thinking Critically” questions on page 154 of the text.
1. What would you say to another person who confided in you that he or she was experiencing gender dysphoria? To whom might you refer this person?
2. What are your thoughts about psychotherapy as a requirement prior to hormone treatment or before sex reassignment surgery?
3. How might you feel or react if it was revealed to you that your good friend, fellow student, or co-worker had undergone sex reassignment surgery? Would it make any difference if this was a close or a distant friend? Lover?

Please use the text or other scholarly source to support your position and be specific with examples.

Question #2
After reading the chapter 6 (pp.158-186) regarding Sexuality Across the Lifespan and viewing the YouTube video Sexual Development Across the LifeSpan Lecture, please answer the following “Thinking Critically” questions:
1. What are your reactions to the changing funding and curriculum priorities of the current administration? What do you feel is the role of the federal government in guiding states and communities in sexuality education?
2. While in school, what exactly were you taught about sex? What impact do you feel this curriculum had on you? On other students? What aspects of your sexuality education would you support and which would you change?
3. What would you say to a parent or community leader who continues to advocate on behalf of abstinence-only-until-marriage programs? Should their children have the right to opt out of comprehensive sexuality programs?

Question #3
Identify and describe the characteristics of Master’s and Johnson’s Four-Phase Model of the Sexual Response Cycle. Then identify which of the 4 phases you believe would be considered the most pleasurable and explain why? Do you think your answer would be different if you were a member of the opposite sex? Why, or why not?
After watching “Greatest Miracle PBS” YouTube video, please identify and discuss 3 things you learned that you didn’t know prior to taking the course.

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