A history of Medicare cost containment policies
April 8, 2021
Code of Ethics Begin by preparing of Code of Ethics for a fictional company which should include at minimum ten elements.
April 8, 2021

I don’t know how to handle this Writing question and need guidance.Directions are detailed below. However, before you read them it is important to note you must have knowledge of at least three harry potter books and know that I want to become an English Teacher. Please choose a theory that revolves around education. If you have any questions about the assignment you must ask them within 2 hours of being assigned because I will be busy later. I expect quality work, if you are unable to do that do not bid. need alot of analysis.Research and pick a theory that is widely acknowledged as an English Major. You will research that theory, the theorist(s) who came up with it, provide background in how it applies in the field, and then apply it to the Harry Potter universe. For example, if your chosen field were education (you want to be a teacher), you would research theories in education. In your research, you come across Bloom’s Taxonomy. Upon further research and analysis, you realize you can apply this theory to the instructional methods of the teachers at Hogwarts. You then do research on Bloom (not his life story, but just the relevant parts in terms of how he came up with his theory), his theory, how it is applied in the real world, and then provide analysis on how it can apply to Harry Potter 4-no max pages.4-6 scholarly, secondary sources.At least 3 of the Harry Potter books.MLA Format.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO, BUT for organizational purposes, you may want to use subheadings to section your essay off. For example:Introduction: This is where you introduce the paper and provide a thesisTheorist: Dr. Benjamin BloomTheory: Bloom’s TaxonomyApplication in the Real WorldApplication in the Harry Potter UniverseConclusion: wrap up your paper and provide food for thought I WANT YOU TO FOCUS ON QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. Make sure you provide lots of analysis! Push yourself to keep thinking to the next level. You don’t have to use subheadings if you don’t want to. INSTEAD, you can start your paper by introducing the theory, theorist (not a life story, but anything relevant to how and when this person came up with the theory), and how the theory is applied in the muggle world (our real world…not the muggle world in the books). You can end your intro with applying the theory on the HP world as your thesis. Make sure your thesis is more than just “This theory can be applied to HP.” Instead, explain why it matters that the theory applies, the benefits of applying the theory, the effect of applying the theory, the reason for applying the theory, or the outcome of applying the theory. You don’t need to address all these parts, but make sure you do address more than just applying the theory. The body paragraphs should then be all about proving your thesis. Use the “Riddle Me This” article to help guide you. If you want to include sub theories that relate and can apply to proving your thesis, like Bell does in his “Riddle Me This” article, you may. However, make sure that you mostly focus on the main theory you are applying.Requirements: minimum 4 pages
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