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March 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021

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Each scenario will require you to answer questions with the information that you received in class or what youâ€ve researched online.For the online information, please document your sources.

You are the emergency manager for a medium sized manufacturing plant.The plant has approximately 300 employees with three shifts.The plant produces Whiffle Balls for worldwide distribution.The plant is fairly old with a limited number of exits situated in a busy industrial park.The plant utilizes 6,000 lbs. of dihydrogen oxide.How many possible problems do you see with a controlled evacuation?
You are the emergency manager for a small hospital in a rural community.Your facility has 85 beds for inpatient treatment and an emergency room.The hospital has 125 workers with three shifts for non-medical employees.
You have been hired as the new student safety manager for a large elementary school in a metropolitan area.You have two uniformed safety officers that are assigned to your school.These officers are armed.The school administrator has asked you to include an active shooter scenario.
In your factory you have an agitated worker come to you reporting that there has been an accident.When you arrive at the accident, you see that an employee has an arterial laceration on his right forearm.As a result of this laceration, there is blood over a large area.What do you do?Begin with your starting action and explain what and why you did what you did.(hint, there is one step that is extremely important, donâ€t forget it).
You are again at Mullhallâ€s Whiffle Ball factory and the owner comes running up to you and asks, “what is this junk”?To which you calmly reply?

You have been tasked with the job of writing an emergency fire plan.This plan should include what level are employees expected to fight the fire.One concern for firefighting/evacuation is the large amount of 100% pure oxygen.

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