What role does leadership have in transforming workplace culture to promote a healthy organization?
October 17, 2020
Problem 1. The purpose of this problem set is to value the company Amazon.com Inc . (Amazon), i. to estimate the intrinsic value (price) per share of…
October 17, 2020

I need help answering these questions for a lyme disease study or something similar
Collection of Data:  Why was the study done? (what was the author’s goal or hypothesis)  What type of study was it? (i.e., case-control, cohort, etc.)  How was the sample size determined?  How were the study subjects selected? Does this sampling method seem reasonable?  How was the ratio of cases to control subjects determined?  Could there have been bias in the selection of the subjects, and if so, how likely might this bias have affected the data?  Could there have been bias in the collection of information, and if so, how could this observation bias have affected the data?  Establish whether there’s a cause-effect relationship Analysis of Data:  Describe and criticize methods used to control confounding  Describe and criticize methods used to measure the association between exposure and disease (i.e., odds-ratio, relative risk) Interpretation of Data:  Present the major results of the study  How might bias, confounding or chance have affected the results?  To whom (what population) might the results of this study be generalized?
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