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March 22, 2021
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March 22, 2021

Answer the following question from the textbook Introduction to Sociology
AuthoMarch 22, 2021

I will choose TWO of the following questions for your consideration. Your response to EACH question should be between 500 and 700 words. You are required to integrate readings and themes from the course into your responses in a coherent fashion. I expect to see a minimum of three relevant references to course readings/films for each question. Demonstrate that you have undertaken the readings relevant to each question in a timely fashion and that you have critically reflected on these readings. Note that more than one reading might be relevant to a question. It is your responsibility to ascertain what are the full range of relevant readings for any question. When appropriate, refer to the readings in a formal manner. Cite sources when appropriate and include page numbers for direct quotes.Your essays will be read with the following criteria in mind: clarity of central argument; logical reasoning; demonstrated engagement of course readings and classroom discussions; use of relevant examples (I suggest a minimum of four per essay); and comprehension of central concepts. The Questions 1:Assess the degree to which the human rights situation in Syria and Iraq is a function of “power relations” between the state and minority groups.The Question2:What accounts for the progress in “second generation” rights in Iran?“”Please answer the two questions separately“”!!! “you may only use texts and other sources read in the context of this class. You may not use outside sources.All sources must be cited accurately “!!!
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