Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of clinical decision making within the role of the Registered Nurse
October 12, 2018
How do constructivists view the person as an active, conscious meaning-maker?
October 12, 2018

The Final paper requirement are:

For the Final Paper, you will:

  • Choose one of the complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) systems studied in the course, provide a brief discussion of the protocols, and provide details of historical events that shaped the practice.
  • Identify a chronic disease or condition and describe the disease or condition from the CAM perspective.
  • Include potential cultural challenges faced by the afflicted patient population as well as the practitioner.
  • Describe how the CAM practitioner diagnoses and treats the condition.
  • Identify potential questions or skepticisms other health care providers and potential clientele may have regarding the CAM selected, and address the questions, supporting your responses with a minimum of two sources of research for the health condition and system chosen.
  • Identify and substantively describe a minimum of two other CAM practice interventions that could be suggested to assist in minimizing the impact of the illness/condition. Justify implementation of the two interventions you are recommending.
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