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September 16, 2020
one page analysis of the corporate governance
September 16, 2020


Identify a current issue (sustainability,go green,such as energy, water, waste, etc) or trend related to facilities management in the hospitality industry.  The paper can focus on any area of hospitality (e.g. hotels, casinos, restaurants, fitness centers, etc.).  There are no limitations on the issues/current trends selected to discuss, but it must be an issue that relates directly to facilities management and the impact it can have on operations, customer service, or customer satisfaction.

The paper will be 2-3 pages double-spaced with standard 12-point font and 1? margins.  Headings and citations must be used where appropriate.  Please provide at least two different references in your paper and note the references used at the end of your paper.

Points will be deducted for papers not meeting the criteria as well as for any grammatical or punctuation errors.  Please proofread your research paper prior to submitting your document webcams (PDF or Word Document upload required).


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