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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

***Important resources that are needed for this assignment***

Biedermann and Dolezel, Chapter 16 (Biedermann, S. and Dolezel, D. (2017) Introduction to Healthcare Informatics (2nd Edition). Chicago: AHIMA Press. ISBN-13: 978-1-58426-528-3)

Top 10 Healthcare Innovations of 2019
9 Healthcare Technologies Every Executive Should be Excited About
8 Technology Trends to Watch in 2020
The purpose of the assignment is three-fold and will help you:

Synthesize the stated need for HIT change in healthcare.
Explain the potential impact of HIT in healthcare today.
Describe HIT in the form of advanced technologies.


The readings for this week emphasize trends and emerging technologies that will be part of the world for Health Informatics professionals in the near future. From the readings you will select one emerging HIT technology and explore it in detail. You will also, after reviewing chapter 16 in your text, think about the role (see table 16.2 on pages 513-515) that you would like to have as an HIT professional working with the innovation.
Specific Requirements
Please respond to the Discussion prompts below. Your original post is expected to be scholarly (informational and objective) and include at least 3 references in APA format. Remember that the references can be from the readings and other course material. Wikipedia, for example, is not considered a scholarly resource.

Introduction: define/describe the emerging technology

Who is developing or who has developed it?
What is the purpose of the innovation?
Who is it intended to serve?
What does it do and how?

Background: history of the emerging technology

What need will the innovation serve?
How has the need been managed prior to the innovation?

Discussion: potential impact of, benefits and challenges for the emerging technology

What will the impact of the innovation be, what will change and how?
What will the financial impact be, is it affordable?
What will the benefits be?
What will the challenges be?

Professional role: what professional role would you like to have in working with the emerging technology and why

What role would you have, give a job title?
What would your responsibilities be?
How would your education in Health Informatics support you in the role?


Method of Evaluation

1. Introduction


2. Background


3. Discussion


4. Professional role


5. Conclusion

Grammar, spelling, organization and formatting


Total Points


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