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August 20, 2020
U5 Minumum 250 word discussion
August 20, 2020



The following questions ask you to recall and describe previous experiences. For EACH question, please indicate the situation which you were faced with, the task which was required of you, the steps/actions which you actually took and the result of the situation in no more than 200 words for EACH question.

1. Describe a time when you came up with an idea that required you to get the support of others
– What was the situation?
– What idea did you come up with? 
– How did you come up with this idea? 
– Who did you need to convince and why? 
– How did you approach this?



2. Describe an occasion when you have had a big issue to solve and you needed help.
– What was the problem? 
– What impact was it having? 
– Why did you need help? 
– How did you identify who to ask for help?
– How did you reach out to this person?


3. Describe a time when you spotted an opportunity and made it happen
– What was the situation? 
– How did you spot the opportunity? 
– What prompted you to get involved? 
– How did your experience/skills/offering fit in with what was required overall? 
– What feedback did they give you?
– How valuable was your help do you think?





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