reflection on self and community
August 19, 2020
Discuss the qualities that make this product/service new to the marketplace and the rationale for your decision to pursue the concept.
August 19, 2020

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The goal of the information governance program should include but not be limited to the following:
1. Developing processes to ensure better coordination of care throughout the entire organization;
2. Maintain a competitive advantage in the geographical regions served;
3. Ensuring that the organization is analytics-driven;
4. Improved performance and outcomes;
5. Becoming nimble enough to respond quickly and accurately to information requests related to patient care and diagnosis, legal holds, e-discovery and litigation, and for accountability and auditing;
6. Develop a viable retention and destruction schedule for active and inactive patient information;
7. Improve security and protect sensitive data while at the same time allowing necessary access to eliminate impediments for staff that make it difficult to accomplish their job duties; and,
8. Increase the accuracy of information related to outcomes, and financial leadership to ensure the organization will meet or exceed its financial goals.

At its initial meeting, your newly formed Information Governance Committee, after some brainstorming and collaboration produced the following list, which is by no means complete, but which was identified by your team members as “high” on their list of problems facing the organization which the team members believed could be resolved and/or minimized through effective information governance:
1. A number of serious errors that adversely affect patient safely resulted from inadequate user training on how to use the system, as well as laziness of staff in documenting and charting;
2. Inability to capture information necessary for required reporting from the electronic health records (HER);
3. Inaccurate and incomplete release of information for litigation and business purposes that had resulted from poor systems integration and improper data retention policies;
4. Issues associated with a high rate of patient matching errors in master patient database;
5. Need for updating access controls that ensured appropriate security levels for those caring for patients and those having access to patient records for purposes of billing, diagnostics and reporting, and;
6. Need for better security of protected health information in order to comply with stricter regulatory requirements


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