B7440 Managing Global Challenges | Week 7
November 19, 2020
Two slitting rolls A and B for cutting sheet metal are driven by means of the gear train shown in Fig. The rolls must operate in the direction shown…
November 19, 2020

Research Paper of Famous Construction Projects
Task: Select a famous construction project of your choice. (Hoover Dam,
Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge, etc.) Write, in your own
words, minimum length at least ten pages plus title page and
bibliography page, typewritten paper, describe the various techniques
and methods used during the construction project. Describe sizes,
number of workers, quantity of concrete and steel. Make a cover page
and on the last page list your sources of your research. In the body of the paper use 12 font, Arial or times roman, double space, 1” margins top, bottom, and sides.
Develop PowerPoint presentation of Research Paper. Minimum of six slides showing pictures or illustrations of project with a short narrative describing pictures. Present in class a six minute presentation of Research Paper using PowerPoint.


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