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April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Introduction to Health Informatics
Introduction to Health Informatics Assignment 1 Type: Individual Topic: History, Current Status and Future of Electronic Health Records (& PCEHR) leading to “Big Data” for Healthcare Analytics in Clinical Decision Support Application. Length: 6-8 pages (approximately) Weighting: 30% Due Date: Friday 28th August 2015 by 11:59pm (submitted online via vUWS Turnitin)
This is a research assignment aimed at demonstrating your understanding of the origins, current position and future plans for electronic health records (EHR) in Australia and internationally. Further future directions should include its role in big data analytics in clinical decision support systems. Consideration should also be given to the Personally Controlled electronic health records (PCEHR) currently being defined by NEHTA. You should use a variety of research sources (eg: books, journals, conference papers, websites, electronic databases) to investigate and analyse: ? the history of EHR; ? the relationship of EHR to the PCEHR; ? the current strategy, use and implementation status of EHR/PCEHR (including implementation issues) and ? what future plans are in place to expand the implementation of EHRs and the PCEHR. ? future directions and its role in big data analytics in clinical decision support systems applications.
Your focus should be on the Australian position although it is expected that your submission will also compare the local landscape to what has/is happening overseas.
Submissions will be assessed on: ? Type and variety of research sources used ? Demonstration of your understanding of the research material ? Coverage of all four areas ? Depth of comparison of EHR to the PCEHR in Australia and overseas ? Demonstration of your understanding of the critical implementation issues of EHR and the PCEHR ? Structure, format and quality of the writing
Marking Criteria and Standards
Type and variety of research resources used (10%)
Excellent (HD ?? D)
Satisfactory (C?? P)
Un-satisfactory (F)
Extensive and varied research resources are used.
Much of the required research elements are provided. May not be extensive or may lack consistency.
Have not carried out any research in sourcing answers
AND Proper referencing is given to the resources
OR Proper references not provided to the sources
Demonstration of understanding of research material
Excellent understanding of the research material provided
A reasonable attempt at understanding the research material provided
Limited or poor understanding of the research material provided
Coverage of topic areas is excellent and indicates that student has carried in-depth research in sourcing answers
While the coverage is good it does not show that students have conducted extensive research in sourcing answers
Poor coverage of topic areas
Outstanding in terms of structure format and quality of writing
While the structure and quality of the writing is good, could have improved in organising the report in a better way
Students have not made any attempt to structure the report in any formal way
Depth of coverage of major topic areas (50%)
Structure format and quality of writing (10%)
OR Some “cut and pasted” information is provided without any flow or referencing
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