Economics in Healthcare
October 9, 2020
The pressure inside a hydrogen-filled container was 2.10 atm at 21 C. What would the pressure be if the container was heated to 90 C ?
October 9, 2020

Electronic health recordOctober 9, 2020 is an online drugstore. Recently, the company used a computer program to analyze the purchase behavior of customers sorted by zip code and found that customers in some zip codes are, on average, less price-sensitive than the customers in other zip codes. Accordingly, the company has raised prices by 3 percent for the customers in the less-price-sensitive zip codes. Note that zip code is automatically identified when a customer comes to the company’s Web site.
Based on this information, answer the following question:
Is it ethical, for to charge some customers a higher price based on its analysis of prior purchasing behavior? Substantiate your response with appropriate references from the textbook.
Submission Requirements:
Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in 500 words.

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