Your capstone change project begins this week when you identify a practice issue that you believe needs to change. The practice issue must pertain to a systematic review that you must choose from a List of Approved Systematic Reviews for the capstone proj
February 23, 2021
Determination of the pH Scale by the Method of Successive Dilutions
February 23, 2021

Assignment Type: Individual; Weighting (30%)

· Word Limit: Maximum 1500 words((excluding Cover page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Diagrams and References[1])

Your submission must adhere to the following requirements
Page 1: Cover page
(i can do the cover page)
Page 2: Executive Summary
Page 3: Table of Contents
Page 4+ ( Project contents and references )
Rationale for this assignment
You will develop Project Management concepts leant throughout the semester and apply it to your project. You will make every attempt to link or reflect on your submission of practical activities relevant to your project. Your report should include a realistic approach to achieving project success. The main purpose of this project is to develop your professional and practical skills through the application of theoretical knowledge and understanding.

Please the word count should be between 1000-1500 (excluding references and others) And make sure this is a turnitin upload. So the similarity should be less than 10%. I`ll give you the login details.
thank you.


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