what are come of the elements that influence organizational culture?
February 19, 2021
Periodic table – Submit Your Homeworks
February 19, 2021

. The experiment name is determination of unknowns by IR spectroscopy .
I need professional report because my professor is Accurate in correction .
I want the report like this order:
1. Objective:
The objective of IR spectroscopy.
2. Introduction :
About IR spectroscopy. And picture of IR shell .
3. Materials :
I will attach a file with materials and procedures but I want you to do it by your wording.
4. Procedures:
Attached. And pictures of charts.
5. Results: 
I will attach a picture of possible answers that he gave us.
unfortunately I couldn’t figure out which the compounds are, so could you find out about them for me. And do it as a table Like what I send to you .
6. Conclusion:
About everything in the experiment.

There are four more attachments that I could not upload in here.

the result will be one of the possible liquid compounds

And there is an attachment that has a table and I want the result looks like the table in the attachment.

The first attachment should be in the introduction page.
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