March 18, 2020
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March 18, 2020

As an advanced registered nurse, you will serve as a leader within your organization. Part of this role will entail being a change agent, and spurring positive change on behalf of patients, colleagues, and the industry.

Consider a situation you experienced previously where change did not go as planned in your health care organization. Create a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you will assess the situation and the steps that should have been taken to successfully implement change.

Describe the background of the situation, including the rationale for and goal(s) of the change.
Identify the key interprofessional stakeholders (both internal and external) that should be involved in change efforts.
Discuss an appropriate change theory or model that could be used to achieve results.
Outline how you would initiate the change.
Describe the impact to the organization if the change initiative is unsuccessful again, and potential steps the inter professional team could take if the change is unsuccessful.

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