1) Explain the big five personality factors. Are these applicable in an international context? 1B) What are the four components of emotional
October 17, 2020
what are the technical and nontechnical aspects of the value associated with any the project?
October 17, 2020

Essay topic “Magnet Nursing and how designation supports quality, cost, and access.”,1500 words ,STRICT ACADEMIC WRITING PREFERED. Rubric is as follows

75% – Content – Adequately covered the high points of the topic. Have written in a way that reflects
good order of material with accuracy. Relies on the literature and less on personal opinion. (Faculty
will go to the literature and look.)
Avoid the use of pronouns – I, me, he, she, them, us, they, their, my, mine, instead speak to or of: the
organization or institution, the clients, the patients, the principle investigator or author (you in your
project) , the literature, names of authors, name of sites or locations, the nurse clinicians, registered
nurses, medical staff or MD, project participants, etc.
15% – APA Formatting –
Abstract and Title – 5% (To the point and makes me, and anyone else, understand why and decide
if I need/want to read the paper.) careful on a title – make it fit the topic with enough words for the
searcher to know it may be what they need.
Running Head – 1% (formatting)
Title Page – 1% (formatting)
Page Numbering – 1% (formatting)
Body spacing and paragraphs – 2% (formatting)
Paragraph/topic headers – 1% (formatting)
Accurate citations – 2% (formatting)
Reference citations are documented correctly in the paper. – 2% (formatting)
10% – References – Eight selections all within 5 years (unless a foundational or landmark article, or
nothing else to find). At least 4 references are peer reviewed nursing journals. If you use Wikipedia
(not advised) – use the reference list and read and cite the original author for anything you use.
Will take off extra points for typos (one point for each) – especially those picked up with spell check –
first step in my review. Be smart and use within Word the spell check feature. Also read the paper
backward when looking for typos (makes you read words and not thoughts).
The appropriate use of APA formatting is a skill you need to learn and is required by many health care
journals as the writing style/format they will require. It would be a terrible disservice to your graduate
education for you not to have accurately met APA standards – thus, expected with rigor.


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