Using the DNA sequence 3 TAC CAG ATA CAC TCC CCT GCG ACT 5 illustrate and explain the following mutations: a deletion b. an insertion c. a…
October 17, 2020
Cobalt-60 has a half-life of 5.26 years. If 3.03 g of 60 Co were allowed to decay, how many grams would be left after (a) one half life? g (b) two
October 17, 2020

Write about 5 pages analyzing the case in the PDF file Hi Value Supermarket.pdf 
the paper should follow these steps
1-  factual summary (non-obvious information in the case) half a page.
2- case problem/opportunity (identify and explain the problem) 1 to 1,5 page.
3- alternative solutions.1 to 1,5 page. 
4- select best solution (select and justify ) 1 to 1,5 page
5- conclusion. half a page
this is the exact example Superior Supermarket.docx and this case is very similar to Hi Value Supermarket case.  


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