In this assignment, you will explore the use of medication to treat thyroid disorders
November 19, 2020
What is the area in acres of an area one chain on a side, engineering homework help
November 19, 2020

nur 514 week 6 emerging technology brief 1November 19, 2020

Power Point Presentation Master Patient Index (Look up this Subject)
Develop a 5-10 slide PowerPoint presentation explaining why patient identity management is a major concern in healthcare. Your presentation must include the following:

Define patient identity management.
What is an enterprise master patient index (EMPI)? Is the EMPI the same as the master patient index?
Explain why patient identity management is important in the master patient index and enterprise master patient index.
Do you think human error will completely be eliminated through technology? If so, explain how.
What is patient matching and what are some ways patient matching can be improved?

You may also include other elements as it relates to patient identity management, however the 5 items listed above are required.

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