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February 19, 2021
What is the visceral pericardium?
February 19, 2021

this project is gonna be about heating phase and you have to use Baltimore city, MD weather to do this project by using table 6.5 page 76. also you have to use west street video plans pdf, and present on Sheet M of the building plans and you have to cut it and present it as a two phase ( use right side by itself and the left side by itself). and you have to use Roof, walls/Doors/partitions, windows, slabs, ductwork, ventilation( and you have to do the calculation in Excel for each of them, by using figure 8.2 page 119. and also you just have use the picture on the west street video plans pdf and just Capture and put them in the word. Basically just follow the instructions that I upload to get the Idea what I mean.

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