Deputy Smith was on patrol in his police car when he heard a report over the radio that a bank had just been robbed and that 4 male perpetrators had
October 17, 2020
You spray your sister with water from a garden hose. The water is supplied to the hose at a rate of 0.565 x 10 -3 m 3 /s and the diameter of the…
October 17, 2020

i need this questions to be answered. if anyone can help me let me know. if you use sources you have to please cite the source. no limitations of how many words for each question but it needs to be answered in detail
1: What is the role of Medical Sensors in healthcare?
A. What role do you believe they have played in improving medical delivery?
2: Why do you believe it’s important to understand the basics of electrical and chemical conduction basics while studying Biomedical Informatics
A. What are subatomic particles?
4: What is Electrochemistry?
a:What role do valence electrons play in electrical conduction?
b: Explain the similarities of copper, silver and gold as relates to their conduction characteristics (fig. 7.5A)
6: Explain the difference of electrical conduction in wires vs. that in a biological organism: example electrons fowling in a nerve synapse
a: What is an action potential?


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