System Admin Max Points: 10.0 How do spiritual beliefs impact political ideologies and the policy process? How have they affected the health policy reform process? Using respectful communication, debate your response with two other classmates. Give exampl
November 19, 2020
Wendy, 32, has been noticing a change in her ability to carry out daily tasks, she has been stumbling over her own feet, accidentally dropping…
November 19, 2020

You will research the medical coding guidelines and why they are important and key to being a good coder.
Pay special attention to any introduction to the coding guidelines. Review how the coding guidelines are organized in each code book.
In a 1-2 page paper respond to the following questions:

Why are coding guidelines used?
Where are they found in each code book?
When are the guidelines used?
Why do coding guidelines help a coder become successful?

Next research responses to the following questions.

Why are coding guidelines so important?
How is coding evolving?

You will need to use at least three sources. Use at least one source from an academic journal and one from AHIMA. Your third source can be from a resource of your choosing. Be sure to use credible sources. You will also need to cite your sources on a reference page using APA format.


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