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February 19, 2021
February 19, 2021

In this project you are going to address a real organizational change or challenge that has occurred or will occur. Imagine you are the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in charge of this project and you will draw on your knowledge of organizational theory and behavior for implementing this change. Your presentation will address the issues and challenges you expect to face during this change.
Your Unit 9 Assignment is a PowerPoint presentation of a Change Proposal. Your presentation should be a minimum of 20-25 slides. You need to attach your reference list to the final slide. A minimum of six current references are required. You will submit your PowerPoint presentation to the Dropbox by the date required.
As part of the Unit 10 Discussion, you will submit the same PowerPoint Presentation to Doc Sharing. (Please review the process of adding documents to Doc Sharing under Student Resources). In order to receive credit for Discussion Topic 1 in Unit 10, you will provide constructive feedback for two of your fellow classmates’ PowerPoint Change Proposals.
Your project should include a description of the following:

Some examples of the topics for change proposals may include:

Purchase and integration of an electronic health record system
Merging of two or more healthcare organizations
Redistribution of leadership because of downsizing of employees
Drastic cost control in a healthcare organization because of a reduction in reimbursement rates

The nature of the project and your role as a nurse leader in this system-level change
The challenges and opportunities involved in the project
The timeline for your plan, design, implementation, and evaluation of the project
The leadership strategies you select for involving staff in the change
What type of power was used to manage this change and why was this type of power selected for this project
Three actual or potential barriers to the project and your strategy to overcome them
Three leadership strategies when things may not go according to plan
Four to five resources that you will need to effectively plan and implement this system-level change. Examples of resources can include support from stakeholders needed for plan success (be specific), financial resources, equipment, protocol changes, educational resources, etc.


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