Principles of Primary Health Care Academic Essay
October 17, 2020
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October 17, 2020

Mr Jones a 65yr old farmer has been driving for 1 hr to visit a small rural community clinic as he has an appointment to review his leg ulcer which is almost healed. The temperature that day is 40 degrees and humid. Mr Jones air-conditioning in his car is broken.
Mr Jones enters the building and comes to the receptionist who asks him to take a seat and states that the nurse and the doctor will see him shortly. 10 minutes later a nurse escorts Mr Jones to the observation room to have his Vital signs taken, weight and BGL as Mr Jones is a Diabetic. The nurse notices that as Mr Jones is seated he is sweaty, pale and rubbing his chest, the nurse asks if anything is wrong Mr Jones states he is feeling nauseated and his chest hurts
As this is clearly an emergency situation, outline the steps you would take in this situation 


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