Discussion 2
April 8, 2021
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April 8, 2021

Bright Sheng is a distinguished and well-known Chinese-American composer whose works are performed widely. What Bela Bartok did for Hungarian folk music, Bright Sheng is doing for Chinese folk music. Sheng followed a section of the Great Silk Road, returning to his homeland to study folk music at the source. He is collecting sounds in regions that seem isolated even to the Chinese; sounds that, in a globalized age, run the risk of being lost forever.
Before you begin this discussion please go to the Naxos Music Library and login using the following information:
Username: schoolcr33 Password: bradkliff
In your initial post for this discussion, address each of the following prompts:

Choose a composition from the works of Bright Sheng, and find a recording of it on the Naxos Music Library or at Bright Sheng’s YouTube Channel. Provide a link to your chosen composition.
Explain why you chose the piece you did. What about it seemed interesting or appealing?
Discuss how the piece blends elements of Western and Eastern music.
Compare Maestro Sheng’s efforts blending ethnic music into art or concert music with other composers, such as Copland, Dvorak, or Bartok.

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