Two masses are connected by a string which passes over a pulley with negligible mass and friction. One mass hangs vertically and one mass slides on a… |
November 19, 2020
Certain company is planning its production and the workforce levels for the months from March until August. Forecasted demand for the periods are,…
November 19, 2020

Please write a 5 page paper, double spaced, font size of 12, and college level. Please use your textbook and at least 3 other resources, list your resources on a separate last page that does not count as one of your pages, proof read and spell check the term paper before submitting.
Part 1: Name a Mental Disorder that was or was not covered in the textbook.
What is the name of the disorder. How does the Diagnsotic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V) classify this disorder? Is there a typical age of onset for the disorder? Is there a known etiology for the disorder? What are the symptoms?
Part 2: Within the SAME Term Paper, please continue to write Part 2: Treatment
Is there a recommended treatment for the type of disorder you described in Part 1? Name one treatment setting in your community that an individual with this mental disorder could use. Is it outpatient treatment or residential (in patient treatment), or some other kind of treatment setting? Explain the steps an individual should go through to get treatment in this facility.
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