ethica hacking executive proposal project
August 20, 2020
What role does the cost of the doctor’s education and malpractice insurance play in costing health care services? There are two principles that health care providers rely on when set the rates for their services.
August 20, 2020

I have a few modules in the file and trying to use those modules in the file “”. All the modules work on their on in file mymotif but not when imported into I attached the error message and two source code files with this post.

Goal is to make all the “import” work.

Error message:

Program does not run:

$ ./ mydna.txt 6 100

Traceback (most recent call last):

File “./”, line 6, in

import mymotif

File “/home/c.bruce/BINF6308/binf6308-og-GEZHU0376/assmt8A2/”, line 63, in

print (profile(string_list,2))

File “/home/c.bruce/BINF6308/binf6308-og-GEZHU0376/assmt8A2/”, line 52, in profile

count = Count(string_list,p)

File “/home/c.bruce/BINF6308/binf6308-og-GEZHU0376/assmt8A2/”, line 42, in Count

Count[symbol][j-1] += 1

KeyError: ‘B’


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