read and write a report
March 22, 2021
たくみ切子 盃「亀甲」緑 (2002-2-G) 【送料無料】 / 吉谷硝子 グラス ガラス 大阪 お取り寄せ 通販 お土産 お祝い プレゼント ギフト お歳暮 御歳暮 おすすめ /:わが街とくさん店
March 22, 2021

Attached find Article, answer the questions provide during the analysis, no citations, no fancy words.

Describe and discuss the purpose, method, results,and conclusions of the article.
What type of feedback and frequency was used in the research article?
How is this important to motor control and motor learning in physical therapy?

Cover page including the Course name & number, title of Paper, and your names and date.

Reference assigned article in first page, before content of paper.
Must use Times New Roman 12 point font; Double spaced; Indent as necessary
Written in 2-3 pages (not including the cover and references page)

Number pages on the top right hand corner


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