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March 8, 2020
Barriers To Physical Activity
March 8, 2020

Many psychiatric disorders are related to neurotransmitters. In addition, many drugs used to treat disorders—both mental and physical—affect the brain. Neurotransmitters are central to brain function since neurons send and receive signals via neurotransmitter systems.

As you focus on neurotransmitters and their functions in this week’s readings, select a neurotransmitter—either one that piqued your interest or one that was particularly challenging for you to understand—to address in your Discussion post.

Write the following information on the neurotransmitter that you selected:
Describe the neurotransmitter and its functions, explaining how it interacts with other parts of the brain and/or body.
Explain how modern and evolving technology informs your understanding of this neurotransmitter.
Explain why and how you might share information about this neurotransmitter with a patient.

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