Practical connection
June 6, 2020
June 6, 2020

You need to submit a report file describing the actions/steps you have taken to manage and monitor your project(if you are doing your calculations in an Excel file, it would be nice to send the Excel file as well).
I do not like to assess your reports based on its length! The more is not the better, but please try to write at least 2000 words in your report.
Your WBS should contain about 15 to 20 activities.
You could start with an introduction, then describing your project. project scope, developing the WBS, time and cost estimation, determining the relationships and developing the project network, resource planning, resource scheduling, Resource leveling, etc.)).Then, you can start implementing your project (hypothetically), and then you can provide the measurement (PV, EV, CV, SV, CVI, SPI, EAC, VAC, etc.) and compare your performance with the plan.

Briefly: after introducing your project, your project scope, your project preferences, …, you have to break down your work into 15-20 activities. Then you can apply some of the techniques to design your network.

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