Employee Use of Internet At Work: Policy Proposals 8-10 page 4 citations, APA style
March 15, 2021
ethnic studies
March 15, 2021

Task description:
Complete four of the National Health Priority online modules to demonstrate critical thinking and decision making in diverse and complex healthcare situations across the lifespan. You will need to analyse situations in these modules andundertake a holistic understanding of these situations drawing on prior knowledge and skills. In these National HealthPriorities, you will be expected to use and understand the requirements for integrated knowledge and skills, including communication, collaboration, leadership, ethical and culturally safe approaches to healthcare, and inter-professionalcollaboration. Once you have worked through four of the National Health Priority Area online modules and watched the on-line simulation/videos, you will be required to read and complete the case-based scenario workbook questions.
What you need to do:
1.     Review the knowledge and skills relating to the National Health Priority Areas of:
a.     Cardiovascular health
b.     Dementia
c.     Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions
d.     Injury and prevention control
e.     Asthma
2.     Complete the online modules for these National Health Priority Areas
3.     Work through the workbook for Mr Jankovic, considering the Clinical Reasoning Cycle(CRC), watching the videos in page 4 and 5(Waiting room, Pre-operative preparation – checklist, Pre-operative preparation – medication, Patient’s conversation after pre-operative checklist and Day 3 post-operative Handover) and reviewing the clinical/nursing documents in page 5(Pre-operative checklist, Nursing Notes, Med Chart, Observation chart and Neurovascular obs).
4.     Read through the questions at the end of the workbook for Mr Jankovic. Ensure all answers are supported with evidence-based literature.
·      Do NOT replicate the questions, just identify by number.
·      You MUST attempt all questions. 
·      Include a reference list at the end.
·      Word count is up to 2000 (+/- 10%) words (including in text references and excluding reference list)
You MUST include the page number that indicates the actual page in your source where you located the evidence to support your key point in the citation (marker will check all references to see whether student have accurately represented the source).
5.   Academic Writing
·      Use Correct terminology and professional language.
·      Skillful use of language that conveys meaning with clarity and fluency
2000 (+/- 10%) words (including in text references and excluding reference list)
Presentation requirements:

Arial or Times new roman, font size 12 
APA style referencing (7th edition)

Learning outcomes assessed:
Demonstrate advanced critical thinking, clinical reasoning and decision making in diverse and complex healthcare settingsand in line with the provision of safe, quality person –centered care across the lifespan.
Resources needed to complete task:
A minimum of 25 academic sources. You will need to use at least twenty-three (23) valid, contemporary peer reviewedjournal articles no older than seven (7) years as supporting evidence for ALL key points. In addition, you could use:
·      Textbooks no older than five (5) years old where appropriate
·      Guidelines for health professionals that are peer reviewed,
·      Authoritative websites and government websites such as Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care resources/guidelines intended for health professionals
Note: All source MUST be systematic review
TAKE NOTICE: You have to provide 100% accurate answer for all the 13 questions in Workbook Ivan Jankovic case study. All reference/source MUST relate to Ivan Jankovic case. Read National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS Standards) because it relates to some of the question in the Workbook Ivan Jankovic case study. Go through the National Health Priority Area online modules 1-4 for additional learning/knowledge. Avoid repetitive sentence. Please cross checking upon completion each question/answer.


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