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August 20, 2020
1.) what are bacteria using for nutrients in nutrient agar solution?
August 20, 2020

Your budget should be complete at this point with an addendum for capital improvement or equipment expansion. Now you will create a Transmittal Letter such as

the one shown on page 108 of your text. Preferably the letter is not more than 2 pages long and highlights the budget income and expenses that you projected.

This letter can be customized to fit your type of business/funding sources whether it is a Bank, Board of Trustees, Board of Directors, Grant Board, or

individual Philanthropist. Make sure the most important information is listed first and the least important information is not included or listed last.

Finally, write a one page summary detailing why you (the reviewer now, not the applicant) would approve this budget.

Submit your comprehensive “Organization Wide Operating Budget” from Weeks 1-5 as a finalized project, including your Transmittal Letter from Week 6. Use the

feedback you have received from your Instructor up to this point to make any changes or additions to your budget. Your cumulative budget project should be 12

-18 pages in length and contain your Budget Introduction, Projected Revenue Sources and Ethical Issues, Projected Expenses, Projected Profit/Loss, Capital

Budget Addendum and your Transmittal Letter.

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