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March 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021

For this discussion:
1. Watch this video about I/O Psychology:
2. Discuss Key Areas of I/O Psychology.
2. How does an IO Psychologist use evidence-based methods to implement change in an organization? This graphic may be of help.
3. Describe an example from your experience when evidence-based methods could have helped improve the situation.
Make sure to include at least two scholarly sources (in addition to your text) in your initial post, and at least one in each response.
A “scholarly” source is a research article that comes from a peer-reviewed journal, usually a psychology (not business, economics, law, etc.) journal.
Here is an example of a research article from a peer-reviewed psychological journal; note that is uses subjects and is a study/experiment:
Bass Magnitude Estimations Expressions Frequency Amount.pdf
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