February 18, 2021
exponential and logarithmic functions 22
February 18, 2021

For this Portfolio Project milestone, develop a 2-page outline of your proposed topics and subtopics.

Identify the leadership role that you will take in the organization/event, as well as three potential responsibilities that your role will assume.

Then, identify the decision-making processes to be used and any additional factors that might affect this leadership role.

Next, identify your decision-making approach, as well as potential theories that may be relevant to your Portfolio Project topic.

Annotated Bibliography and Reference List
Identify a minimum of five appropriate sources, including academic, professional, and peer-reviewed journal articles, and prepare an annotated bibliography.
The sources must be no older than five years. Provide a written summary of the purpose and relevance of each source. Each summary should include a minimum of two paragraphs.

Please open the attachment below for the information.


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