obseity case method
October 17, 2020
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October 17, 2020

Participants will write a 4-6-page paper (APA format) in which they conceptualize their personal growth through resiliency and self-awareness.
These papers are designed to develop the participant’s critical thinking through analysis and evaluation and to develop advocacy communication skills, as well as an opportunity to synthesize views on organizational development from a systems perspective. (The paper requires a student to examine the process of reflection, reasoning and imagining, through which the individual willingly, systematically, and habitually examines and explore statements, problems, issues, beliefs, and social constraints.) The graduate demonstrates these competencies at each level: (1) an attitude of intellectual inquiry; (2) information literacy; and (3) critical, analytical, and reflective thinking skills [metacognition]. The minimum acceptable score for this assignment is a 3 on that rubric.
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