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February 11, 2021
Complete both seperate essays
February 11, 2021

A device is specified in the sixth character and is only used to specify devices that remain after the procedure is completed. There are (4) general types of devices:
· Biological or synthetic material that takes the place of all or a portion of a body part
· Biological or synthetic material that assists or prevents a physiological function
· Therapeutic material that is not absorbed by, eliminated by, or incorporated into a body part
· Mechanical or electronic appliances used to assist, monitor, take the place of or prevent a physiological function
There are times when incidental materials are used and left in the body but do not qualify as a device. Distinguish what kind of materials that could be confused with a device if it is used within a procedure and the item is left in the body.
Research and find a current news article that addresses the topic of an incidental material used during a procedure being left in the body when it does not qualify as a device. Summarize the article and provide the link to the resources in your post.

1 page, approx 200 words


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