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February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

Part B. Determination of the Initial velocity of a Projectile from Range fall measurements:
Theory: Page 133, Data Table 2: Page 140.
Lab Report must include the following:
Four different Heights and the corresponding range for each height used in meters.
Using equation 9.7, page 135, find the initial velocity of the projectile in m/s.
Vxo= √gx2/2y
Based on data shown, if the difference exceeded 0.5 m/s between readings for the initial velocity, find the average of all the velocity readings and then determine the % difference between each of the four readings and the average of the four readings, as you would do in standard deviation.
Show all calculations of the initial velocity and % difference. You must always include the units next to each measurement throughout your calculations and not only in the final answer.
Answer questions 6 and 7, page 142 under part B: Determination of the initial velocity of the projectile from Range-Fall Measurements


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