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April 8, 2021
Discussion post: Analyzing & Visualizing Data
April 8, 2021

After listening to all the videos below, Write 3 pages (font 12, double spacing) to include first that
1) Summaries how each of the panelist are using Probability in their area of expertise for the video -Wizard of Odds and then
2) how probability could be useful in your area of major here at DePaul. Make sure to mention types of probabilities you have learned, simple, compound, conditional probabilities and expected value, and how useful they would be in your area of discipline.
Add your reference (MLA or APA format)
Listen to all these videos plus read the powerpoint slides to help you with all the assignment

Wizard of Odds:
Simple Probability:
Conditional Probability:
Basic probability rules and examples:
Improve your life with Probability:

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