Continual of Adderal Paper
September 17, 2020
Choose one of the following prompts about Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar and provide an essay that is around 1000-1500 words.It must include an original title, introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs that support your thesis with quotations from the text, a conclusion, and a works cited page.
September 17, 2020

Assignment Directions
Choose a prescription drug that has a generic available. Choose two different types of pharmacies. Examples:

Large chain pharmacy such as Walgreens, CVS, Eckards, etc.
Grocery store associate pharmacy such as Publix, Krogers, etc.
Privately owned local pharmacy
Pharmacy associated with a “big box” store such as Target, Walmart, etc.
Online pharmacy (must be in the United States)
Do not use any drugs on the pharmacy’s four dollar or other special price list. If the pharmacy has a “club card” or other special way of getting lower cost, do not use this cost.

Compare the cash cost of the brand and the generic making sure that the dose (milligrams, micrograms, etc.) and number of pills are the same.

Example: Synthroid .05 milligrams and levothyroxine .05 milligrams, prescription for 30 pills.

For over-the-counter products, use identical products including formulation (liquid, capsules, etc.), dose (mgs per tablet, mgs per cc, etc.) and size of packaging (20 tablets in the box, 90cc fluid in the bottle, etc.). Try to avoid products that contain multiple ingredients like cold preparations as these are hard to compare due to differing quantities of ingredients within each product.

Example: Benadryl (brand) 25 mg per capsule, 25 capsules per bottle and diphenhydramine (generic) 25 mg per capsule, 25 capsules bottle.

Cash Price at Pharmacy A Cash Price at Pharmacy B Cash Price at Pharmacy C
Brand name prescription drug
Generic of above prescription drug
Over-the-counter drug
Generic or store brand of the over-the-counter drug used above
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