Module 2 Discussion
February 18, 2021
Healthcare Finances and teamwork – Submit Your Homeworks
February 18, 2021

Each answer must be in 12 point font, double spaced text. Start with the number of the question you are answering, and then provide your answer. (There is no reason to repeat the question.)
Your answer must be written in complete sentences. Consider that your audience is one of your fellow classmates – not an economics professor. Be specific, detailed, and precise. Provide definitions and examples where appropriate. There is no length
requirement, but be thorough.
1. Why does the author tell us
Ramon’s and his father’s stories at the same time?
2. Who or what is the “Weaver of Dreams?” Explain your answer.
3. Would a rich person in 1900 rather be a lower middle class person in 2016? Explain your answer.
4. How do we get wealthier as we destroy jobs? Explain your answer and provide at least one example other than the ones Ruth provides.
5. In Chapter 7 Ruth says, “If your standard of living doubles but so does everyone else’s, inequality is unchanged but surely you’re better off. I think most people care about
getting ahead, not about whether they’re getting ahead of others. And for their children to be better off than they were.” Do you agree with this? Explain. Do you
believe that a majority of your fellow Americans agree with Ruth? Explain and make reference to the
rhetoric surrounding a current campaign issue.
6. Why do you think I’ve required this book at the beginning of the course rather than at the end? Explain.

Compose your paper using Word (12 pt. font, double-spaced text). Attach your file to this assignment tool. .
Part I: Reflect on this week’s readings and lecture. Make “text-to-text,” “readings-to-self,” and “lecture-to-self” connections.
Part II: Address the following question:
1. What is the role of profit and loss in a market economy? Explain fully
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