Review each of the cases below, then in a minimum of 200 words per case, identify the following for each case: 1. Did the case utilize a randomized
November 19, 2020
I need help with my chem 1105 experiment 4 prelab. As the wave length of the light increases the frequency…? As the frequency of the light |
November 19, 2020

Read the recommended article and find other outside resources. Contribute your opinions, new information and references. 
MY section of this discussion is as follows: 

Private Grants
What I need is a 7 Slide  Power Point some of  Private funding, that also incorporates what is listed below. Please ask me questions if you are unsure

Discussion topic: Funding Medical Research
How should decisions be made about allocating funds for medical research?
Read this article_(new window)
Think about the following questions:

Do you agree or disagree with the article?
Is a disease that is genetically-based of more value to study than one that is behaviorally-based? (eg., cancer, alcoholism and substance abuse)
Should we spend more money for treatment or prevention? If both, then what proportions of funds should be allocated for each?
In what form can “prevention” be delivered? public education? vaccines/medications? both?
What diseases/conditions/addictions receive priority? Why?
How is a research proposal evaluated to determine if it deserves the allocation of funds?
How is research funded via federal grants? via private grants?

Your group presentation should include the following sections:

History of medical research funding
Federal Grants
Private Grants
Diseases and conditions that have been well-funded
Diseases and conditions that have been inadequately-funded
Treatment vs. prevention
Personal opinions of group members

Be sure to support your information with valid references!


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