I need help answering these questions for a lyme disease study or something similar Collection of Data: Why was the study done?
October 17, 2020
AB and CD are two chords of a circle which when produced to meet  at a point p such that…
October 17, 2020

Problem 1. The purpose of this problem set is to value the company Amazon.com Inc. (Amazon), i.e. to estimate the intrinsic value (price) per share of the company.
Here is the basic information that you will need, which is also available from Yahoo! Finance (all numbers in millions):
Year 2014
Revenues 88,988
EBIT as % of revenues 0.11%
Taxes (unlevered) 32
Tax rate 32%
Net Income (unlevered) 67
Net Capex 147
Goodwill 3,319
Property and Equipment (PP&E) 16,967
Depreciation 4,746
as % of previous year’s Property Equipment 43%
Capex 4,893
NWC -12,355
NWC as % of revenues -14%


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