Discuss the issues behind failure to security backups
March 15, 2021
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March 15, 2021

Problem Solving
Choose one of the following scenarios from Chapter 8 in your text:

Some parents request that their boys should not be permitted to play in the dress up area, and should not be allowed to wear women’s hats, shoes, and clothes to dress up.

Some parents complain that their children continually come home with paint on their clothes and sand in their hair, and ask that their children not be allowed to paint or play in the sandbox (Wardle, 2013, p. 221).

Using the following strategies from Keyser, presented in Chapter 8, construct a thoughtful response to the parent in your chosen situation. Name the scenario in your post (Dress Up or Mess). Then, respond to each of the following points in your post.

Listen and ask open-ended questions. (What questions will you ask to be sure you understand the parent’s perspective?)
Restate and reframe the parent’s ideas. (How will you rephrase the situation to demonstrate to the parent that you understand their problem?)
Find common ground. (Refer back to the child. Restate that both you and the parent want what is best for the child, therefore______ should be done.)
State your position, ideas, and feelings. (Be sure to leave your emotions out of this. Be sure to include fact.)
Give information as appropriate. (At this point, you must include one outside resource, preferably a community resource, to assist the parent with this issue.)
Give the parent an opportunity to respond. (What will you say to encourage the parent to share their thoughts?)
Outline the conflict as equally valid viewpoints. (Although this would be necessary in a conversation, it is not necessary to include in this assignment.)
Invite, discuss, and choose possible solutions. (Offer a reasonable solution.)
Thank the parent and set up a time to check back in. (What would be the appropriate amount of time before revisiting this situation?)

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