Respond to the following scenario with your thoughts, ideas, and comments
February 24, 2021
project proposals about High speed rail – road transport by using matlab
February 24, 2021

                                       Each Question must be answered separately.

1.  Developmental psychologist Robert Havighurst stated that the developmental tasks for middle-aged adults are threefold: 1) managing a household, 2) child rearing, and 3) managing a career. speculate on how you will accomplish these tasks.
****250 words,2 scholarly articles. Must synthesize the quotes *******

2.  Discuss the physical and cognitive changes that take place in late adulthood, and explain how to offset some of the negative developments of adulthood and late adulthood.
****250 words, 2 scholarly articles. Must synthesize the quotes *******

I have also attached notes that can be of help . 

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