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April 9, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Topic: Ethics in expert testimony – Issues for psychologists
Critical Literature Review Paper
12 to 15 page (does not include title page or references), double-spaced review of the literature paper focused on an ethical issue of your choice. This paper must critically review the literature in a specific area, address the major issues, and provide recommendations for practitioners. Paper topics need to be approved by the instructor first.
Paper Sections
Introduction of Problem and Paper: Present overview of problem with citations to support what you are saying; give overview of paper.
Literature Review: This review should be comprehensive (read most of what has been written in this area, including peer review articles, book chapters, and books). This section summarizes what we know about your topic. You should have approximately 10-15 sources. Start with more recent literature and cover older literature as needed for the reader to understand your paper. Please note that in APA style secondary citations are discouraged except in rare occasions; this means that you must read the original article that you are citing. However, you may read a literature review to cover older literature and cite the conclusions from these reviews.
Critique of the Literature: This is the section where you summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the literature you reviewed based on what others have said and your own ideas. Consider how well the literature addresses the questions in the field, the quality of the work you reviewed and applicability to professional work. Use critical thinking.
Summary and Implications for Professional Psychologists: Based on your review and critique, how can psychologists use the information? What does the information you presented in your paper mean for practice?
Paper must be in APA style; double spaced with references, citations and an APA style title page. An abstract is not required. Use subheadings to organize your paper; at minimum use subheadings for each of the sections of the paper outlined above. You may also use subheadings under the major headings presented in the outline (for example, you may want to have various subsections within the literature review).

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