DNP810 GCU Health Issues In Elderly And Policy Solutions
October 17, 2020
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October 17, 2020

Philosophy for Health care of WomenOctober 17, 2020

Public Policy Evaluation: The Affordable Health Care Act
Criteria for Policy Issue Research Paper on The Affordable Health Care ActTo successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:Provide an outline of the paper1. Apply theories and practices of policy development and analysis to a given issue.2. Assess the effectiveness of evaluation tools and citizen roles, based on public need and data available.3. Demonstrate methods of policy analysis that are reflective of enhancing diverse public values.4. Reflect global perspectives, with diverse public values, in a given policy analysis.5. Demonstrate and apply academic analysis and writing style.
Grading Requirements: What the paper must specifically address in the body of the paper relating to The Affordable health Care Act1. Analyzes various evaluation tools and identifies and classifies those appropriate for different public problems.2. Compares definitions of public and individual value from a policy perspective and applies them in a variety of policy settings.3. Demonstrates methods of policy analysis and identifies those which can best be used for various policy problems.4. Reflects global perspectives with diverse public values in a given policy analysis and recommends mitigation techniques to accommodate multicultural needs of the project.5. Uses effective academic and professional writing and communication skills in policy analysis application without errors or omissions.
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