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October 9, 2020
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October 9, 2020

Global Perspectives of AcupunctureGlobal Perspectives of Acupuncture
Global or world context:

Objectives: This assignment will address the Learning Outcomes below through an analysis of the use of acupuncture in China.
University Core Course Learning Outcomes:
1.Learn how to examine the influence of the main forces of global change such as social, cultural, religious, economic, political, and technological processes and patterns in the world.
2.Acquire an understanding of the global or world context and of the major processes and patterns in the world that are transforming relations among the different nations and cultural groups.
3.Develop a better understanding of how their society relates to the global context and become better prepared to make decisions that reflect this understanding.

Research and discuss the major features of the Chinese culture that influence the use of acupuncture in four of the following six dimensions of health.
Identify and discuss three factors of the global or world context that influenced the use of acupuncture in the United States.

Provide a one paragraph overview of each area, including the citation of the source of information.
This written assignment may be no more than five pages (double-spaced). The writing style, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and quality will be included in the grading assessment.
Write one paragraph for each factor, including the reference citation for the source of information.
Discuss the ways in which your understanding of the global views and use of acupuncture would influence your decision making regarding the use of acupuncture in your health care.


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