Individual Project
April 9, 2021
April 9, 2021

You are asked to watch and study the video in the link above, and respond to the following Question:
How and Why do scholars argue that the continent of Africa has birthed the first/earliest humans and is the home / the place where the first steps to human societal development and civilization took place?
What is the historical significance of this claim?
What is the importance of this claim towards an understanding of the African Diaspora?

title related to the question to which you are responding.
Fully & completely write outthe question before offering your response. After fully stating the question, skip a line or two and then offer your response.
Your Essay must have an introductory paragraph, a body of the essay, which can be divided into several paragraphs and a concluding paragraph.
Students must include all of your Sources of Information – Indicate your Sources both in Footnotes and in a Bibliography. Do not use the term “Work Cited” in place of the Bibliography.

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